Flixout takes your privacy and the privacy of your audience seriously. We have implemented the following procedures and policies to ensure your personal, company, and audience information remains secure.

1. Cookies

Flixout uses cookies on our website and platform to track usage for analytical and functionality purposes. We use Google Analytics to help track our website’s usage. The information we use for this purpose is in aggregate and not readily individually identifiable.

2. IP Address Collection

Flixout may log your IP address and the IP address of your channel’s visitors via usage/error logs for analytical, error debugging, security violations, and fraud prevention purposes only.

3. Information Sharing

Flixout will only share your personal information, business information, or client information with the proper government agencies with a valid, verifiable court order or when Flixout has reason to believe our services have been used illegally.

4. 3rd Parties

Flixout will never share your information or the information of your audience with a third party without your explicit consent. The information you provide Flixout upon commencement of services and continued use are used solely by Flixout in connection with us providing you our services.

5. Payment Details

Payment details collected by Flixout for both you and your audience are not stored in a database hosted by Flixout but rather the payment processor which may include but is not limited to Stripe/PayPal. This payment information is then accessed via a secure token.

6. Illegal Activities

In the event of fraud or illegal activities, Flixout may share your name, IP address, phone number, and email address with our fraud prevention partners. We may also make inquiries with our fraud prevention partners using this information to determine your eligibility to receive services from us.