Questions and Answers

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Flixout

I have zero technical expertise, is this platform for me?

Flixout is ready out of the box, no messy API to deal with, no need to hire a programmer/web designer/technical expert and we provide multiple end-user/audience-end themes to suit your audience.

We built the Flixout platform from the ground up with usability and flexibility in mind. This enables anyone to start their very own channel and begin reaching their target audience in record time. Of course if you want to customize the look and feel of your channel, you can do that too.

Do I have to charge my audience to view my content?

Absolutely not! Flixout empowers you to figure out how to monetize your content as you see fit. Want to provide your content without charge? Not a problem! Plenty of educators use our platform to educate their students remotely free of charge (great way to keep your class up-to-speed during COVID-19).

Flixout supports streaming content free of charge, on a subscription basis, or via ad campaign. You can even pick and choose different methods for different content. Flexibility is afforded to you so you can operate as you see fit.

What are the system requirements for running Flixout?

Flixout is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and requires no installation on your part. All you need, including your visitors, is a modern web browser and you can begin using Flixout immediately. Some light configuration of course is required on your end but we have made the entire platform as seamless, simple, and stress-free as possible.

What does it mean that you are in public beta?

Public beta means that although our software is mostly complete, some bugs may still exist in the software and some final features may still be added. Although bugs are few and far between, they can still exist and thus, we have made the software free of charge until we are confident that the platform works bug free. While in public beta, our platform and all of it's functions will remain free.

A 30-day notice window will be issued once we close the public beta at which point after 30 days, you may be charged for continued use of the platform. During public beta, we ask our public beta participants to give us regular feedback and report any found bugs.

How do I login to or access my channel?

Please see your welcome email as it will contain all the information you need to get started. Our platform is compartmentalized and there is no centralized login facility to access, this allows you to whitelabel the Flixout platform fully.

What will the platform cost once you reach the end of public beta?

Great question, honestly we do not know at the moment. This will depend a lot on user feedback we generate during the public beta phase. Regardless, the cost will be a fraction of what it would be if you developed a video delivery platform and hosted it yourself. A free version with reduced functionality is also under consideration!

I tried to signup for the public beta but I received a message that the application is closed today and to try again tomorrow. Why?

During our public beta, we will be limiting the number of new participants that can signup to use the platform. This will allow us to scale our application and the underlying infrastructure providing a fantastic experience for all of our channels. Therefore, we reserve the right to limit the number of new participants at any given time.

We recommend checking back if when you try to signup, you receive this message. We open new available public beta positions on a regular basis.

I have a suggestion/complaint/found a bug. Who can I contact?

We greatly appreciate feedback during public beta and thank you for your participation! If you have an idea for a new feature, found a bug, or found something you absolutely hate, we want to hear about it. You can contact us via your admin control panel or you can use the form on our website: https://www.flixout.com/contact.