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Why Doesn't My CMS Or LMS Support Video? 9 months ago

Why Doesn't My CMS Or LMS Support Video?

Most organizations are surprised to learn their content management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS) have poor video integration if they even support video at all. This is a growing problem for many organizations as video is increasingly becoming an important factor when it comes to training, teaching, and communications. With the advent of COVID-19, video needs within an organizati...
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The 5 Biggest Challenges To Training With Video 9 months ago

The 5 Biggest Challenges To Training With Video

Chances are if you have ever had to do training sessions, the best way to captivate your audience is the use of videos. It’s more engaging than a training manual and it helps scale training across large organizations. The major shortfall of this method is organizing the videos and delivering them to your employees. Traditional systems that organizations are accustomed to using for sharing knowledg...
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Solving the Challenges of Training Remotely With Video 9 months ago

Solving the Challenges of Training Remotely With Video

Enterprises of all sizes rely more and more on technology to help improve efficiencies within their organization, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity. Most employees start their journey within a new company with an orientation but recently, that changed. With COVID-19 fresh on the minds of the world, more and more companies of all sizes are looking towards technology to bridge the gap...
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What is a Video Content Management System? 9 months ago

What is a Video Content Management System?

As video becomes an increasingly important tool for communication and productivity, organizations must find new ways to manage, store, and share large numbers of massive video files across their networks without negatively impacting bandwidth. The solution to this problem is to use a video content management system, or video CMS.
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Flixout Platform Audience-End Demo 10 months ago

Flixout Platform Audience-End Demo

The Flixout audience-end demo is now live and available for testing. Check out our default theme and layout that your audience will interact with when you pick Flixout for your video content management needs at Ready to go, no programmer needed. Of course there are additional themes to choose from once you get your platform up and running on our Free Trial offer or...
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Launch of Open Beta 10 months ago

Launch of Open Beta

Flixout is pleased to announce the launch of our open beta program! Flixout is a new all-in-one video content management system (CMS) that empowers content creators, educators, businesses, and aspiring movie stars to engage in a meaningful way with their audience. Our platform makes in super simple to begin reaching a broader audience without the need for a programmer or any other technically gimm...
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