Live Streaming Now Available - Major Release 3 years ago

Live Streaming Now Available - Major Release

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Today Flixout is proud to announce that our platform has reached version 1.0.0. With this new release, which has been rolled out to all customers and is now live, our channels will find a few new additions to the platform.

Live Streaming Feature

The biggest new feature that our channels will notice is the ability to stream live events. Our live streaming feature enables channels to stream events in real time either through their webcam/video capture device, a screen capture, or a simultaneous combination of the two. A multitude of options allows you to broadcast a live stream that fits your specific needs and gives you the ability to call special attention to the event from the end-user interface. The live stream function can be used on a free-to-watch, pay-per-view, or as part of an audience member's regular subscription to your service. Channels also can automatically convert the streaming event into a video that is automatically transcoded and placed onto your designated category at the conclusion of the broadcasting event.

Interact with your audience in real-time

Live streaming also comes with a bonus, the ability to interact with your audience in real-time. For your audience member's that are tuned in, they will have a chat box open so that they can converse with the star and fellow audience members while the broadcast happens. This feature is perfect for those looking to engage with their audience, start a dialog, or even help steer where the performance is going. The ability to send private messages in the chatroom has also been included for added privacy should the need arise.

Updated Admin Panel

We have also done some extensive remodeling of the admin panel. Our channel admin's will find a sleek, modern easily navigable interface that can have the color scheme customized to the user's liking. All the features that you are used to remain in the admin panel in the same locations, we have simply upgraded the interface for a better user experience. We plan on making the admin panel available for demo use by the general public in the coming days so that they can have a peek at the interface and all the hidden features that make Flixout the best video CMS platform in the industry.

Translation Groundwork

Our channels have spoken, and we hear you! The Flixout team has also begun laying the groundwork for the ability to translate the end-user area into different languages. This will give channels the ability to add any language they require to succeed and make text changes to the existing website without the need to modify and program files separately. Additionally, we will support the German language out of the box, no translation necessary. We will be adding more languages as the demand for them arises. This feature is expected to be released in the upcoming minor release package scheduled for middle of August.

Have an idea? We want to hear from you!

If you have an idea for the Flixout platform, we want to hear from you. Flixout strives to make our platform the best video CMS out there and we cannot do it without your help. If you ever find yourself in need of a feature, you find a bug, or feel something can be done better, let us know. We are a community driven platform and we want to give you and your audience members the best experience possible. Contact us with your suggestions, requests, bug reports, and even complaints!


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