What is the best alternative to OnlyFans? 3 years ago

What is the best alternative to OnlyFans?

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If you are an aspiring content creator, you have probably discovered OnlyFans and are weighing the pros and cons of using the platform. The first thing that might jump out to you is that OnlyFans is not very forthcoming about their pricing, you have to navigate a few pages to learn how much the service will cost you. Additionally their terms of use are rather restrictive which leaves a few questions running in the back of content creator's minds that we will touch base on in this article.

The Pricing

We did the hard work for you and found that OnlyFans charges a flat 20% on any payment your audience makes to you. This fee is one of the most expensive in the industry but also does include the fees for processing payments. This means that if your audience pays you $1,000 in a month, you can expect a deposit of $800. Content creators can request payment immediately, regardless of the amount and the payout will hit your bank account in 5-7 business days, a bit on the high side but within industry norms.

Content Ownership

OnlyFans indicates that content creators continue to own the content they upload but at the same time, content creators grant OnlyFans a license to use and distribute the content, including to 3rd parties. This is unfortunate as OnlyFans could monetize your content and leave you out of the revenue generated from the licensing without repercussion. Although OnlyFans states that it will not sell your content to third parties, there is no explicit clause preventing them from doing so either.


OnlyFans allows you to charge your audience on a recurring basis but has limitations. The minimum allowable charge is $4.99 per month and the maximum allowable charge is $49.99 per month. This doesn't allow much flexibility for content creators, especially those that create content that is uniquely rich and in high demand which could result in lost revenue from charging lower prices than the audience may be willing to pay. There is no way to charge your audience one time charges on a pay per view model and the feature set of enabling audience trials is limited.

Feature Set

OnlyFans is fairly easy to use with a simple interface and easy to understand settings. For those with zero technical experience this is great as it enables content creators to focus solely on content creation. Unfortunately the simplistic feature set will limit a content creators creativity and the ability to interact with their audience. OnlyFans has a closed beta program that allows content creators to stream content but since this is a beta program, there is no ETA on when this feature will have general availability. There is also no straightforward path to joining the open beta program or guarantees that trying to join it would be successful. For those wanting more out of their content management platform, they will be disappointed by the features available for the price paid.

OnlyFans Alternative

Flixout is a standout alternative to OnlyFans which empowers content creators to take their content to the next level and increase revenue generated from audiences. Flixout has a superior feature set to OnlyFans that not only allows content creators to fine tune their content and customize their audience experience but the ability to completely white label their landing page so that the audience isn't even aware that the content is powered by Flixout. Features such as pay per view, streaming, affiliate marketing, comments, audience interaction, and more are standard with Flixout. Aspects such as subscription pricing, trials, and content access restrictions are standard allowing you to monetize your content in a way that is best for you and your audience, without restriction. Flixout pricing starts at only 2.5% of revenue plus processing fees (typically at most 2.9%) which makes Flixout a very affordable alternative to OnlyFans.

Check out what Flixout can do for you by joining today and take your content monetization and audience interaction to the next level!


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