Flixout Platform Audience-End Demo 3 years ago

Flixout Platform Audience-End Demo

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The Flixout audience-end demo is now live and available for testing. Check out our default theme and layout that your audience will interact with when you pick Flixout for your video content management needs at https://demo.flixoutchannel.com. Ready to go, no programmer needed. Of course there are additional themes to choose from once you get your platform up and running on our Free Trial offer or you can customize a theme to meet your needs.

The demo is setup to show off the main features but we have not enabled subscriptions or Pay-Per-View which are an option with our platform should you wish to charge your audience for access to your content. Registration is not required for most videos but some may require a registration, especially to test the added features of the platform so we highly recommend it. In the case you wish to test these features out by registering, you will need to signup on the demo platform using a real email address. Do not worry, we will never share your email address with anyone and those accessing the admin-end demo cannot see your email address either.

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